21st Century Innovation Advantages and Risks

First the advantages. The Eniva Organization offers the best enhancements utilizing 21st century innovation. Energy, the lead item, upholds the Insusceptible Framework, the Cardiovascular Framework, Collagen and Skin Wellbeing, and gives an assortment of Enemies of Oxidants; truth be told, as per the ORAC score (as formulated and tried by globally regarded Dr. Ou at Brunswick Labs) 1 jug of Energy = 5 Xango, 7 Goji, 16 Noni or 29 Seasilver! furthermore, since the molecule size is entirely little, to the point that it’s deliberate in angstroms, it is – not normal for whatever else available – 98% ingested! There are additionally 24 conventions offering blends of items that might be added to the Energy following 90 days, in case there are still a few remainders of wellbeing challenges. It is through the vibrational frequencies of sound that the molecule size is diminished to 4x more modest than the littlest human cell. These angstrom-sized supplements can be ingested through the upper piece of the stomach, by-passing the stomach related cycle – particularly significant for individuals with stomach related difficulties. This is astounding! This is 21st century innovation utilizing solid frequencies to reestablish and keep up with our insusceptible framework, our essentialness, and – since Energy has been displayed to fix harmed DNA – our life span!

Concerning the risks… There ARE frequencies in the 21st century that toss our insusceptible framework out of equilibrium, and unleash devastation with our wellbeing and prosperity. These are generally alluded to as EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and EMRs (electromagnetic radiation). These frequencies radiate from all that runs, PDAs – as well as cordless telephones, PCs, blenders, juicers, vacuum cleaners, power instruments, hair dryers, and so on (See: Dr. George Carlo’s PDAs: undetectable perils in the remote age ; an insider’s disturbing revelations about malignant growth and hereditary harm, 2001, just as Remote telephones and wellbeing: logical advancement, 1998, and Remote telephones and wellbeing II: condition of the science, 2001.)

Know and to utilize insurance, particularly with those things we grasp, for example, a wireless or hair dryer, and those things we basically “embrace” – our PCs, workstations and other electronic contraptions.

Innovation was created in the Russian space program that was purchased by a German organization; they changed the innovation and checked its viability with numerous European just as American college considers. This innovation was purchased by an American organization, BioPro, and is currently accessible in the US, Canada, Mexico, AU, NZ and the Philippines. These “chips” – about the size of a nickel – don’t obstruct the EMFs, in any case your phone would not work! Maybe they balance and fit the frequencies so they are viable with the frequencies of the human body… one on a wireless; one on the base unit of the cordless telephone and one on the handset; three on a PC: 2 above and beneath the screen in the middle, and 1 on the pinnacle – or the console of a PC; 2 on a vacuum, 1 at the engine, 1 at the switch; 2, 2 inches separated, on a hairdryer and force instruments, and so forth It’s fascinating to see the thermography pictures: without the chip, 15 minutes of wireless use shows extraordinary red, orange and yellow – demonstrating heat in the cerebrum; a few hours after the fact – same individual, same cell, with a chip, 15 minutes of phone use shows cool blues and greens. If an image is worth 1000 words, these photos merit a book! Truth can be stranger than fiction!

BioPro has a best in class Q-Connection made of careful steel and copper; this is worn as a pendant around the neck. This security is for when you are in a store or then again on the off chance that you work somewhere like a clinic or an office where there might be numerous PCs and other electronic gear, or when you are on a plane, particularly when your neighbor takes out a PC for the length of the flight! The Q-Connection has been scrutinized with numerous college examines.